Friday, August 12, 2011

VirtaPay For Liberty Reserve Exhanger !

Hello Everyone,
As many of you know that VirtaPay is the latest and happening E-currency that is being launched in to the market, which will soon start an option to withdraw your virtual funds to your bank accounts. So for making the most of it we are providing VirtaPay in exchange for Liberty Reserve.

If you do not have a VirtaPay Account yet, you can sign-up for free here (And get $25 Bonus): VirtaPay

As Liberty Reserve does not provide you the option of withdrawing your funds directly to your bank account, we will help you in exchanging your liberty reserve funds in turn for VirtaPay.

 Just imagine the amount of real cash you can cash in with the help of our services. We are offering a good exchange rate which will earn you the double amount of REAL money !

Our Rates Are:

$5 Liberty Reserve = $10 VirtaPay

Our Liberty Reserve ID: U1524117

The minimum amount to be exchanged is $10 Liberty Reserve

If you wish to exchange, simply deposit the amount in our Liberty Reserve Account and post a reply here on our blog. 

The reply must contain the following fields:

You Name: Abc
Your LR Account: U123456
Amount Sent: $xxx
Your VirtaPay ID: abcdef

We will send you VirtaPay balance within 24 hours. (Well consider a much lesser time-frame than mentioned since we will be immediately transferring you funds as soon as you post here !)

Make full use of this opportunity while you can because we will be lowering the rates very shortly.

If you have any queries you can contact us on:

Best Regards,